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relative molecular mass calculations chemistry tutorial - worked examples of relative molecular mass calculations calculating the relative molecular mass of a diatomic molecule carbon monoxide is a diatomic molecule a molecule made up of two atoms an atom of carbon c and an atom of oxygen o, definitions of a mole chemistry tutorial aus e tute - molar mass of molecules 8 a molecule is made up of 2 or more atoms chemically joined bonded together 1 mole of molecules always contains avogadro s number of molecules, mole concept chemistry encyclopedia reaction water - in chemistry the mole is a fundamental unit in the syst me international d unit s the si system and it is used to measure the amount of substance, o levels chemistry questions mole concepts mole - mole calculations also commonly known as mole concepts chemical calculations had been identified by students and educators alike to be one 1 killer topic in gce o levels chemistry ip chemistry ib chemistry and igcse chemistry recently we have seen more students asking us to discuss more in this chemistry blogsite one of my chemistry student who is committed to do well in the, molar gas volume avogadro s law moles and mass - this page describes with fully worked out examples how to calculate the volume of gas formed from a given masses of reactants you need to know the formula connecting moles mass and formula mass and know how to use the molar volume in these calculation methods, gcse chemistry calculations 6b reacting masses - top of page questions involving mass volume and concentration example question 6b q1 a potassium sulfate solution a has a concentration of 6 5g dm 3 a what mass of potassium sulfate is present in 25cm 3 of solution a b what volume of solution a in cm 3 contains 3 0g of potassium sulphate c what mass of the salt is required to make 250 cm 3 of a solution b so it contains 3 75 g, 4 ways to calculate molarity wikihow - convert the grams into moles now that you have the molar mass of the solute you need to multiply the number of grams of solute in the solution by a conversion factor of 1 mole over the formula weight molar mass of the solute, surface active agents international union of pure and - fluid films up definitions and terminology previous stability of colloidal systems contents surface active agents a surface active agent surfactant is a substance which lowers the surface tension of the medium in which it is dissolved and or the interfacial tension with other phases and accordingly is positively adsorbed at the liquid vapour and or at other interfaces, basics of space flight rocket propulsion - specific impulse the specific impulse of a rocket i sp is the ratio of the thrust to the flow rate of the weight ejected that is where f is thrust q is the rate of mass flow and g o is standard gravity 9 80665 m s 2 specific impulse is expressed in seconds when the thrust and the flow rate remain constant throughout the burning of the propellant the specific impulse is the time for, poly lactic acid mass production processing industrial - poly lactic acid pla is a biodegradable and bio based aliphatic polyester derived from renewable sources such as corn sugar potato and sugar cane, maximization of natural gas liquids production from an - it is known that the price of liquefied petroleum gas lpg is higher than that of natural gas from which it is derived so the modification of a natural gas plant to produce lpg instead of lighter hydrocarbon gases is very important in the view point of economics