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radar descptn 3 mobileradar org - an tpq t4 tactical radar threat generator trtg note trtg is an an apq 153 159 radar set mounted in a s 250 shelter a modified j band set, history of radar wikipedia - the history of radar where radar stands for radio detection and ranging started with experiments by heinrich hertz in the late 19th century that showed that radio waves were reflected by metallic objects this possibility was suggested in james clerk maxwell s seminal work on electromagnetism however it was not until the early 20th century that systems able to use these principles were, radar in world war ii wikipedia - radar in world war ii greatly influenced many important aspects of the conflict this revolutionary new technology of radio based detection and tracking was used by both the allies and axis powers in world war ii which had evolved independently in a number of nations during the mid 1930s at the outbreak of war in september 1939 both great britain and germany had functioning radar systems, radar electronics britannica com - radar electromagnetic sensor used for detecting locating tracking and recognizing objects of various kinds at considerable distances it operates by transmitting electromagnetic energy toward objects commonly referred to as targets and observing the echoes returned from them, radar factors affecting radar performance britannica com - battle of britain to which radar made such a vital contribution churchill established a scientific advisory committee under l a lindemann he and his rival sir henry tizard helped to direct the research programs that discovered various means of jamming the german bombers radio navigation systems, an sps series radars alternate wars - bibliography norman friedman 1981 naval radar naval institute press isbn 0870219677 bernard prezelin 1993 the naval institute guide to combat fleets of the world 1993 their ships aircraft and armament, radar fundamentals naval postgraduate school - 13 polarization refers to the shape of the curve traced by the tip of the electric field vector as a function of time at a point in space microwave systems are generally designed for linear or circular polarization, russian pla low band surveillance radar systems counter - the physics of radar scattering depend to a large extent on the size of the radar wavelength vs the physical size of the target in the raleigh scattering regime the wavelength is similar or greater in magnitude to the physical size of the target and the magnitude of the reflection is essentially proportional to the physical size of the target, radar basics peak and average power - peak and average power the energy content of a continuous wave radar transmission may be easily figured because the transmitter operates continuously, radar basics noise radar technology - noise radar technology noise radar technology is a radar technology that uses noise chaotic random waveform as a transmitting signal the echo detection is based on optimal reception and correlation between the transmitted signal and the received noise waveform radar returns, flanker radars in beyond visual range air combat - over its long production history a wide range of radar types and subtypes have been fitted to variants of the sukhoi flanker fighter whilst some observers like to generalise the term flanker radar it is not unlike saying pentium pc the range of power aperture product performance seen across these radars is greater than in any other tier one combat aircraft, quantum 2 chirp radar with doppler collision avoidance - introducing raymarine quantum 2 radar with doppler collision avoidance technology the quantum 2 next generation chirp pulse compression radar by raymarine provides superior target awareness at both long and extremely short ranges, radar fundamentals part i aircraft 101 - introduction the word radar is an acronym for radio detection and ranging as it was originally conceived radio waves were used to detect the presence of a target and to determine its distance or range the reflection of radio waves by objects was first noted more than a century ago in 1903 the reflection of radio, radar fundamentals part ii aircraft 101 - introduction to antenna antenna is an electrical device which converts electric power into radio waves and vice versa antenna are used not only on radar but also on jammers rwr and communication system the function of the antenna during transmission is to concentrate the radar energy from the transmitter into a shaped beam that points in, cine sextant mobile tracking system photo sonics inc - control software the argus control software provides all the functionality the user would expect of an advanced tspi tracking system it provides a single interface for the tracking pedestal sensors auto tracking radar calibration target simulation and diagnostics of the complete tracking system, thesis ground calibration of an orbiting spacecraft radar - university of california los angeles ground calibration of an orbiting spacecraft radar transmitter a thesis submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree master of science in electrical engineering